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Voice Activity Detection (VAD)


Deepgram’s Voice Activity Detection (VAD) feature monitors incoming audio and detects when a sufficiently long pause is detected. By default, the length of time Deepgram uses for voice activity detection (VAD) is 10 ms, but you can configure this value using the vad_turnoff parameter.

VAD is used when the Endpointing feature is enabled for streaming audio.

Use Cases

Some examples of use cases for VAD include:

  • Audio with speakers who pause longer while speaking than the average speaker.
  • Audio with speakers who speak with shorter pauses than the average speaker.

Enable Feature

To enable VAD, when you call Deepgram’s API, add a vad_turnoff parameter in the query string and set it to the length of time (in milliseconds) of silence after which Deepgram will decide that a speaker has finished speaking. The default values is 10 ms.


For an example of audio streaming, see Getting Started with Streaming Audio.


To learn about the results, see Endpointing.