What is Deepgram?

Last updated 09/14/2021

Speech recognition technology has grown enormously in recent years. From voice assistants like Siri and Alexa to in-car systems that reduce distraction by helping you find a song or a fueling station hands-free to voice-activated video games, speech recognition is everywhere, helping you live a safer, more efficient life.

But legacy speech recognition services are slow, expensive, and lack both accuracy and the ability to improve. So Deepgram created an entirely different solution using end-to-end deep learning. The result is a faster, far more accurate and reliable solution that truly addresses the needs of enterprise companies.

Deepgram offers audio transcription using its speech recognition and analysis platform, and provides software and tools to help you implement scalable, flexible, and insightful speech recognition solutions.

What does Deepgram do?

Deepgram transcribes two types of audio: pre-recorded audio and audio streaming in real-time. Deepgram's deep learning speech recognition system searches for keywords in transcripts by sound and text within audio and video files and lets you customize both the search and the response.

Our API and SDKs make it easier for your developers to create and maintain great experiences for your users. And our analytics tools enable your business teams to analyze the impact of those experiences and refine them, so they can directly address your evolving business objectives.

What can Deepgram do for your users?

Deepgram provides your users with accurate speech recognition at real-time speeds. We train our speech models to learn and adapt under complex, real-world scenarios, taking into account customers’ unique vocabularies, accents, product names, and background noise. Deepgram can understand nearly every audio format available.

To get a feel for Deepgram's possibilities, check out our use cases.

What can Deepgram do for your developers?

Deepgram provides a set of tools that simplify the process of integrating Deepgram's speech recognition into your applications. These include:

  • SDKs, in different languages, to help transcribe and manage your datasets and custom models.
  • Integrations with popular frameworks and platforms, to further simplify the integration of Deepgram into your existing projects.
  • Transparent, customizable API endpoints.
  • Clear documentation, use guides, and code examples.

What can Deepgram do for your business?

Deepgram's service costs considerably less than human transcription and, most importantly, will improve with time. The more data we collect and train our models on, the more accurate we become.

With Deepgram, you can:

  • Drive better business outcomes by processing 100% of your voice data for analysis.
  • Improve business decisions and surface insights with 90%+ accurate voice data transcriptions.
  • Improve voice data availability with transcriptions at 63X real time speeds.
  • Reduce transcription resources and hardware costs by 30%+.
  • Get insights and analytics on user behavior.