Managing Work

When users log into Hotpepper, they are presented with the Hotpepper user dashboard.

Hotpepper User Dashboard

Selecting Files


Deepgram best practices require that all audio files be reviewed by four independent users. Hotpepper implements the idea of independent reviewers through the concept of levels, each of which represents a queue of unlabeled files that require different levels of effort. To learn more about Deepgram’s suggested ordering of operations, visit Hotpepper User Guide: Understanding the Workflow.

To select a file:

Select the level that corresponds to the desired review level. The system will automatically assign you a file from the selected queue and take you to the labeling view for the assigned file.

Reviewing Progress


Hotpepper allows users to track their progress at each labeling level.


Users can track their progress for the past 24 hours, including:

  • Number of files completed
  • Number of hours worked


Users can track all of their progress ever, including:

  • Number of files completed
  • Number of hours worked
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