Managing Users

Hotpepper allows administrators to create users and track existing users’ progress at each labeling level. To access these tools, navigate to Dashboard > Admin > Users.

Hotpepper Administrator Users View

Reviewing All User Progress

Hotpepper allows administrators to track the progress of all users at each labeling level, including:

  • Number of hours spent today
  • Number of hours spent ever

To view more about a user’s individual progress, select their email address.

Adding Users

To add a user to Hotpepper:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Users, and locate the Add a User section.

  2. Enter the user’s Email Address and desired Password, then select the user’s Permission level:

    userMay label data.
    adminMay label data, manage users, view user labeling progress, and manage datasets.

    While we suggest using email addresses as usernames, the Email Address field is not validated, and Hotpepper does not send account emails to users. You may enter a username in any format you prefer.

  3. If the user is certified to work with data subject to HIPAA regulations, select HIPAA authorized. The user will be allowed access to datasets marked as Contains HIPAA data. To learn how to mark a dataset as containing HIPAA data, visit Hotpepper User Guide: Adding Datasets.

  4. Select Add User.

Reviewing Individual User Progress

Hotpepper allows administrators to track individual user progress. To access these tools, navigate to Dashboard > Admin > Users, and select an individual user’s email address.

Hotpepper Administrator Individual User View

By default, lifetime user progress is displayed; however, the time period displayed can be narrowed to today, weekly, or monthly.

Administrators can track total progress or progress by level, including:

  • Time spent
  • Audio time completed
  • Calculated time spent per unit of output

They can also view progress by file, including file duration, level, and the date/time of completion.

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