Lists the specified project scopes assigned to the specified member

Read more about scopes in the article Working with Roles and Scopes.

Scopes are permissions required to perform actions in a specified Deepgram Project. Scopes can be associated with Keys or Users. When associated with a Key, Scopes determine the actions that the Key can be used to perform in the Key’s associated Project. When associated with a Member, Scopes determine what the user can do in their assigned Project.

If the authenticated account has access to the members:read:scopes, admins:read:scopes, and owners:read:scopes project scopes, it will retrieve project scopes for any member of the specified project. Otherwise, it will retrieve project scopes for only the authenticated account.

Required account scope(s): account:read, project:read. Required project scope(s): project:read. Optional project scope(s): members:read:scopes, admins:read:scopes, owners:read:scopes. Read more about roles and scopes.