Lists sets of distribution credentials for the specified project


On-prem Only

The following information applies only to Console projects which have been granted access to on-prem products. Please contact Support if you would like access but don't currently have it.

Required Access

On-prem API keys with scope owner , admin, and member are allowed to access the list of distribution credentials.

If the authenticated account has access to the members:read, admins:read, and owners:read project scopes, it will list all keys for the project. Otherwise, it will only list keys that belong to the authenticated account.

Distribution Credentials

Distribution credentials are a set of identifiers and a secret which can be used as user login credentials for an associated container registry provider.

Distribution credentials are required to access the Deepgram On-premises container registry. They enable you to pull Deepgram On-prem container images from a given registry provider. Without distribution credentials, you will be unable to download or retrieve any of the container images.

Like on-prem API keys, each set of distribution credentials is associated with a product scope for granular access control. You can create one or many sets of distribution credentials to control access to different on-prem products.

Distribution credentials are associated with a specific container registry provider. As of this writing, the only valid provider Deepgram supports is quay. Click here to learn more about

Distribution credentials can be used in conjunction with the docker login command. Prepending deepgram+ to the distribution_credential_id e.g. deepgram+64d1f840-3b7e-43b2-a7b6-d56756d4476d enables you to use the new value for --username:

docker login --username 'deepgram+64d1f840-3b7e-43b2-a7b6-d56756d4476d'

This value is included in the response body for a given set of distribution credentials as the username:

  "distribution_credentials_id": "64d1f840-3b7e-43b2-a7b6-d56756d4476d",
  "provider": "quay",
  "username": "deepgram+64d1f840-3b7e-43b2-a7b6-d56756d4476d",
  "comment": "My on-prem distribution credentials",
  "scopes": [
  "created": "2023-06-28T20:01:41.642434Z"

The secret which can be used as a password is only returned when a key is created.

The on Deepgram On-premises product scopes required to run an out-of-the-box on-prem deployment are onprem:product:api and onprem:product:engine.

Read more about roles and scopes.