Generates a list of invites

To add a Member to a Deepgram Project, you can use the Deepgram Console or the Deepgram API to send an Invitation. When sending an Invitation, you provide an email address for the Member, and Deepgram generates an invitation link and emails it to them.

Lists the specified project scopes assigned to the specified member. If the authenticated account has access to the members:read:scopes, admins:read:scopes, and owners:read:scopes project scopes, it will retrieve project scopes for any member of the specified project. Otherwise, it will retrieve project scopes for only the authenticated account.

Required account scope(s): account:read, project:read. Required project scope(s): project:read. Optional project scope(s): members:read:scopes, admins:read:scopes, owners:read:scopes. Read more about roles and scopes.