Retrieves keys for the specified project

Keys are associated with Deepgram Projects. They enable you to use the Deepgram API, identify the Project calling the API, and associate usage information with Projects. Keys are assigned Scopes, which determine which actions they can be used to perform in the associated Project. For each Project, you can create multiple Keys and assign different Scopes for each Key.

If the authenticated account has access to the members:read, admins:read, and owners:read project scopes, it will list all keys for the project. Otherwise, it will only list keys that belong to the authenticated account.

Required account/project scope(s): keys:read. Optional project scope(s): members:read, admins:read, owners:read.

Required Deepgram On-premises product scopes: onprem:product:api and onprem:product:engine.

Read more about roles and scopes.