Errors you might encounter when making requests to the Deepgram API

A record of errors and reasons you'll get them when using the Deepgram API.

General API errors

Errors that could be returned on any endpoint.

400 Missing fields in JSON

When making a POST request with JSON data, you must include all required fields. Any missing fields will return 404 Invalid Requestand be verbosely documented in the response string.

Json deserialize error: missing field/s <field names> at line <line number> column <column number>

400 Invalid JSON provided

Providing invalid JSON in your POST request will return 404 Invalid Request wiith this response.

Json deserialize error: key must be a string at line <line number> column <column number>

401 Incorrect API key

Providing an invalid API key will return 401 Unauthorized with the following error.

  "err_code": "INVALID_AUTH",
  "err_msg": "Invalid credentials.",
  "request_id": "uuid"

401 Insufficient permissions

Making a request that you do not have sufficient permissions for, will return 401 Unauthorized with this error.

User does not have sufficient permissions.

404 UUID parsing failed

Providing an invalid Project ID will fail parsing and return 404 Not Found and this response.

UUID parsing failed: invalid character: expected an optional prefix of `urn:uuid:` followed by [0-9a-zA-Z], found `p` at 1

404 Project not found

When a project isn't found it will result in 404 Not Found. It may be because;

  • the Project ID is incorrect
  • the Project ID is for a project that has been deleted
  • the Project ID is not associated with the API key used to make the request
  "err_code": "PROJECT_NOT_FOUND",
  "err_msg": "Project not found."

Transcription errors

Errors specific to making transcription requests.

402 Insufficient credits

When attempting to transcribe a file, you may not have sufficient funds to complete the request. This will result in a 402 Payment Required error with this error.

  "err_code": "ASR_PAYMENT_REQUIRED",
  "err_msg": "Project does not have enough credits for an ASR request and does not have an overage agreement.",
  "request_id": "uuid"