Voice Selection

An overview of Deepram's Aura text-to-speech voice models

Deepgram offers a range of voices for its Aura text-to-speech API, each identified by a unique model name following the format [modelname]-[voicename]-[language].

To select a model, use the syntax model=aura-asteria-en

Voice Name Accent Gender Values Listen
Asteria English (US) Female aura-asteria-en
Luna English (US) Female aura-luna-en
Stella English (US) Female aura-stella-en
Athena English (UK) Female aura-athena-en
Hera English (US) Female aura-hera-en
Orion English (US) Male aura-orion-en
Arcas English (US) Male aura-arcas-en
Perseus English (US) Male aura-perseus-en
Angus English (Ireland) Male aura-angus-en
Orpheus English (US) Male aura-orpheus-en
Helios English (UK) Male aura-helios-en
Zeus English (US) Male aura-zeus-en


Need another voice language?

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