Deployment Options

Learn about the deployment options available for Deepgram services.

Deepgram offers the following deployment options:

HostedA multi-tenant cloud service running on Deepgram's cloud with standard authentication and customization features.
Self-HostedA dedicated service deployed to customer-requisitioned cloud instances, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or customer data centers. Self-hosting is available for Premium customers who have unique business requirements.

Operational Differences

Deployment LocationDeepgram’s infrastructureCustomer-requisitioned cloud instance, such as AWS or GCP
Customer data center
Infrastructure & Backup ResponsibilityDeepgramCustomer
UpdatesAutomatic rolling updatesDeepgram makes regular updates available for customer to apply. In case of critical updates (for example, security patches), Deepgram notifies customer.
Service & Uptime ReportingMonitored by DeepgramMonitored by customer