Make Your First API Request

Follow these steps to get started with Deepgram and make your first request.

Create a Deepgram Account

Before you can use Deepgram products, you'll need to create a Deepgram account. Signup is free and includes:

Create a Deepgram API Key

To access Deepgram’s API, you'll need to create a Deepgram API Key. Make note of your API Key; you will need it later.

Make a Request to the API

Here are several options for trying out the Deepgram API. These examples are meant to help you make a first request to Deepgram; we encourage you to try out one of our Getting Started guides to learn more.

Deepgram Playground

Make a request without writing any code! Head to the Deepgram Playground to try out the API. No sign-up required!


Run the following CURL command in your shell. Be sure to replace the DEEPGRAM_API_KEY with your own key.

curl \
  --request POST \
  --header 'Authorization: Token YOUR_DEEPGRAM_API_KEY' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data '{"url":""}' \
  --url ''

For more examples using CURL, check out the Transcribing Pre-Recorded Audio guide.

Deepgram SDKs

This section will help you get set up to use Deepgram's SDKs. Then you can continue on to one of the Getting Started guides, which demonstrate how to make common API requests with Deepgram's officially supported SDKs.

Configure Environment

We provide sample scripts throughout our documentation in the languages of our SDKs and assume you have already configured your development environment. System requirements will vary depending on the programming language you use:

  • Node.js: node >= 14.14.37
  • Python: python >= 3.10
  • .NET: dotnet >= 6.0
  • GO: Go >= 1.18


If you get stuck at any point, help is just a click away! Contact Support.

Install the SDK

If you intend to use one of Deepgram's SDKs to make your request, you must install it.

Open your terminal, navigate to the location on your drive where you want to create your project, and install the Deepgram SDK.

# Install the Deepgram Python SDK
pip install deepgram-sdk==3.*
# Install the Deepgram JavaScript SDK
npm install @deepgram/sdk
# Install the Deepgram .NET SDK
dotnet add package Deepgram
# Install the Deepgram Go SDK
go get

Make a Request with the SDKs

Continue on to one of our Getting Started Guides where you will find language-specific code samples that show you how to make requests to Deepgram with the SDK of your choice.