Pre-Recorded Audio Transcription

The Deepgram client has a transcription property that allows you to request transcripts for pre-recorded audio. To request a transcript for a pre-recorded particular audio file, you'll use the transcription.prerecorded function.

Pre-recorded Transcription Parameters

sourceBuffer, UrlProvides the source of audio to transcribe
optionsObjectParameters to filter requests. See below.

You can pass a Buffer or URL to a file to transcribe. Here's how to construct each:

Sending a URL

source = {'url': URL_TO_AUDIO_FILE}

Sending a Buffer

Open a file and send the buffer returned. You will also need to provide the MIMETYPE of the file.

with open(PATH_TO_FILE, 'rb') as audio:
  source = {'buffer': audio, 'mimetype': MIMETYPE_OF_FILE}

Pre-recorded Transcription Options

Additional transcription options can be provided for pre-recorded transcriptions. They are provided as an object as the second parameter of the transcription.prerecorded function. Each of these parameters map to a feature in the Deepgram API. Reference the features documentation to learn what features may be appropriate for your request.

Pre-recorded Transcription Example Request

With the source you chose above, call the transcription.prerecorded function and provide any additional options as an object.

response = await dg_client.transcription.prerecorded(source, {'punctuate': True})