SDK Feature Matrix

A matrix of all Deepgram API features supported by our different SDKs.

Below is a list of all the features supported by our SDKs. For more details on any of these SDKs or features please refer to the corresponding documentation.

Transcription API : Pre-recorded

API ReferenceQuery OptionsStatusSDK Availability
Pre-recorded AudiocallbackGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded Audiocallback_methodGAJS,.NET,Python, Go
Pre-recorded AudiodiarizeGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded Audiodiarize_versionGAJS,.NET, Python Rust
Pre-recorded Audiodetect_languageGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Pre-recorded Audiodetect_entitiesBETAJS,.NET, Python,Go,Rust
Pre-recorded AudiodictationGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Pre-recorded AudioextraGAJS, Python, Go, .NET
Pre-recorded Audiofiller_wordsGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Pre-recorded AudiokeywordsGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded AudiolanguageGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded AudiomeasurementsGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Pre-recorded AudiomodelGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded AudiomultichannelGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded AudionumeralsGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded AudioparagraphGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Pre-recorded AudiopunctuateGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded Audioprofanity_filterGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded AudioredactGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded AudioreplaceGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded AudiosearchGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded Audiosmart_formatGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Pre-recorded AudiotagGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded AudioutterancesGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded Audioutt_splitGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Pre-recorded AudioversionGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust

Intelligence API: Audio

API ReferenceQuery OptionsStatusSDK Availability
Intelligence AudiointentsGAJS, .NET,Python , Go
Intelligence AudiosentimentGAJS, .NET, Python , Go
Intelligence AudiosummarizeGAJS, .NET, Python , Go
Intelligence AudiotopicsGAJS, .NET,Python , Go

Transcription API : Streaming

API ReferenceQuery OptionsStatusSDK Availability
StreamingcallbackGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Streamingcallback_methodGAJS, .NET, Python , Go
StreamingchannelsGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingdiarizeGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Streamingdiarize_versionGAJS, .NET, Python,Go
StreamingencodingGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingendpointingGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingextraGAJS, .NET,Python, Go
Streaminginterim_resultsGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingkeywordsGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreaminglanguageGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingmodelGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingmultichannelGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingnumeralsGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingpunctuateGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Streamingprofanity_filterGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingredactGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingreplaceGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Streamingsample_rateGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingsearchGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
StreamingtagGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
Streamingutterance_end_msGAJS, .NET,Python,Go
Streamingvad_eventsBetaJS, .NET``Python,Go
StreamingversionGAJS,.NET, Python,Go
API ReferenceWebSocket MessageStatusSDK Availability
StreamingKeepAliveGAJS, .NET, Python Go

Intelligence API: Text

API ReferenceQuery OptionsStatusSDK Availability
Intelligence TextintentsGAJS, .NET, Python, Go
Intelligence TextsentimentGAJS, .NET, Python, Go
Intelligence TextsummarizeGAJS, .NET, Python, Go
Intelligence TexttopicsGAJS, .NET, Python, Go

Text to Speech API

API ReferenceQuery OptionsStatusSDK Availability
Text to Speechbit_rateGAJS, .NET, Python, Go
Text to SpeechcallbackGAJS, .NET, Python, Go
Text to SpeechcontainerGAJS, .NET, Python, Go
Text to SpeechencodingGAJS, .NET, Python, Go
Text to SpeechmodelGAJS, .NET, Python, Go
Text to Speechsample_rateGAJS, .NET, Python, Go

Management API

API ReferenceQuery OptionsStatusSDK Availability
Create Keycomment, scopes, tags, expiration_date, time_to_live_in_secondsGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Delete ProjectN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Delete InvitesN/AGAJS, Python,Go,
Delete KeyN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Get BalanceN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Get All BalancesN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Get KeyN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Get MembersN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Get Member ScopesN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Get Projectstart, end, limit, pageGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Get ProjectsN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Leave ProjectN/AGAJS,Python,Go ,Rust ,.NET
List InvitesN/AGAJS, Python,Go, Deno
List KeysN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Remove MemberN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Send Invitesemail, scopeGAJS, Python,Go,
Summarize Usagestart, end, accessor, tag, method, model, multichannel, interim_results, punctuate, ner, utterances, replace, profanity_filter, keywords, detect_topics, diarize, search, redact, alternatives, numerals, smart_formatGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Usage Get All Requestsstart, end, limit, status, pageGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Usage Get Fieldsstart, endGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Usage Get RequestN/AGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Update ProjectnameGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust
Update ScopescopeGAJS,.NET, Python,Go, Rust

On-Prem API


In certain cases our SDKs can be used with Deepgram On-Prem.

API ReferenceQuery OptionsStatusSDK Availability
Create CredentialsN/AGAJS, .NET,Python, Go
Delete CredentialsN/AGAJS,.NET, Python, Go
Get CredentialN/AGAJS, .NET,Python, Go
Get CredentialsN/AGAJS, .NET,Python, Go

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