Utterance Split


Deepgram’s Utterance Split feature monitors incoming audio and detects when a sufficiently long pause is detected between words. By default, the length of time Deepgram uses for Utterance Split is 0.8 seconds, but you can configure this value using the utt_split parameter.

Utterance Split is used when the Utterances feature is enabled for pre-recorded audio.

Use Cases

Some examples of use cases for Utterance Split include:

  • Audio with speakers who pause longer while speaking than the average speaker.
  • Audio with speakers who speak with shorter pauses than the average speaker.

Enable Feature

To enable Utterance Split, when you call Deepgram’s API, add an utt_split parameter in the query string and set it to the length of time (in seconds) of silence between words after which Deepgram will decide that a new utterance should begin. The default values is 0.8 s.


To transcribe audio from a file on your computer, run the following cURL command in a terminal or your favorite API client:

Be sure to replace the placeholder YOUR_DEEPGRAM_API_KEY with your Deepgram API Key. You can create an API Key in the Deepgram Console.



To learn about the results, see Utterances.

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