Docker and Podman are popular container runtimes that allows you to run applications in isolated environments. This guide section discusses running Deepgram products in a self-hosted environment using Docker or Podman.

Should I use this for my self-hosted environment?

Docker and Podman are a simple, fast approach for deploying containers. They are best used in environments that require a small, static number of Deepgram containers. This may include development environments, proof-of-concept implementations, and production environments handling low levels of API traffic.

Larger production environments often have certain security, availability, and scaling requirements, such as:

  • Fine-grained Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and other security policies
  • Zero downtime maintenance and upgrades
  • Auto-scaling system capacity based on system load

If any of the above apply to you, a Kubernetes cluster may better fulfill these requirements.

What’s Next

If you'll deploy with Docker or Podman, choose where you will deploy your infrastructure to begin setting up your deployment environment.