Securing Your Cluster

Deepgram strongly recommends regular reviews of the security posture of your self-hosted environment. In a Kubernetes context, this may include reviewing the security section of the official Kubernetes documentation, as well as any security guidance from your cloud provider.


Deepgram strongly recommends following best practices for configuring Kubernetes Secrets. Resources offered by Deepgram assist your secrets security posture as follows:

  • The deepgram-self-hosted Helm chart includes options to configure RBAC rules for all resources.
  • Deepgram documentation instructs users to deploy Deepgram services in a dedicated namespace in your cluster.
    • This prevents workloads in other namespaces from reading Secrets intended for Deepgram-related resources, and restricts Deepgram-related resources from reading Secrets deployed in other namespaces in your cluster.
  • Deepgram documentation recommends using an external Secret store provider.