Deepgram’s interconnected on-premises (on-prem) optional components support advanced features that enhance the Deepgram Engine and API.

If you aren’t certain which products your contract includes, please consult a Deepgram sales representative.

Optional components include:

  • Metrics Server: Provides aggregate metrics about system performance. We recommend running a single instance of the metrics server in your on-prem deployment.

  • License Proxy Server: Serves as an intermediary between our hosted license server and your on-prem deployment. We recommend installing this component to ensure constant uptime for request authorizations.

  • Hotpepper: Allows you to build custom training datasets quickly and cost effectively while maintaining data quality. Also improves labeling efficiency by allowing users to submit audio to a hosted or on-prem Deepgram Engine for automatic speech recognition (ASR) and transcription.

  • DGTools: Simplifies the process of training a new model.

  • SIPREC: For customers who would prefer to use Deepgram’s real-time transcription on a traditional telephony stack rather than with WebSockets, Deepgram offers a native SIPREC integration solution.

  • UniMRCP Plugin: Offers speech recognition for cross-platform MRCP services.

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