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If you are having specific account issues or are seeing fraud, contact the support team. For everything else, get help in our community forum.

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Paid accounts include private email support for all issues. Contact the support team or seek self-help via our community forum, docs, and guides. Your choice!


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Our community forum is the official way to get help if you’re on a free account, and the wealth of information from Deepgram and our community make them a great resource for paying customers too!
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Our guides walk you through step by step how to use the most popular features of Deepgram.
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Our extensive documentation show you how to use every part of Deepgram.
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We are always looking for people who can test out new potential features or give us feedback on what's currently in production. If you participate, we promise to:

  • Schedule a time that works for you
  • Take no more than 20 minutes of your time
  • Show our appreciation by letting you choose if you want to receive a gift card or a bunch of swag.
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You would make the team very happy!